Strong winds may be to blame for tearing off Magnolia Inn roof

Strong winds may be to blame for tearing off Magnolia Inn roof

SENATOBIA, MS (WMC) - Heavy straight-line winds are likely to blame for destroying a portion of the roof at the Magnolia Inn on East Main Street in Senatobia on Saturday morning.

The mangled mess now lies in a nearby gas station parking lot. Twisted metal from the roof and debris everywhere shows just how powerful the winds were overnight.

"Fortunately, I had just left, my husband called me and said he was stuck in because all of the fire trucks were there," recalled resident Latonya Eason. "The wind had blew (sic) the roof off."

Eason and her family have been living at the motel for the past few months.

"It was really scary because somebody could have gotten hurt," said Eason. "It could have been much worse than it really was."

The portion of the roof that was torn away was the motel's secondary roof. However, the owner says the storm still caused some minor flooding issues inside.

Crews spent the morning and afternoon hauling off all they could. They plan to have it all cleaned up by sometime next week.

"It doesn't take much," said construction worker Terry Null. "When you get straight-line wind to come through, something has to give. Whenever the straight wind goes in, something's got to give somewhere."

Eason is now figuring out how to move forward, including whether she and her family will stay at this motel or go somewhere else.

She added, "I hope they can get things back to normal pretty soon."

The motel is still open because only a portion of the building was affected, and it is insured.

The motel owner does say the storm caused big losses for them, however, since 25 people checked out and were given refunds.

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