Parents wonder whether students will have to make up snow days

Parents wonder whether students will have to make up snow days

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Wintry weather led to the cancellation of many classes across the Mid-South. While students are celebrating, parents are wondering whether the kids will have to make up for the days they missed.

Like many Shelby County parents, Ronald Holmes took another day off of work to watch his two young daughters, whose classes were canceled Monday.

"It happens, you know. I think it's better to be safe than sorry," said Holmes. "The more days of education, the better."

So, how many days can Shelby County students miss?

Shelby County School board Vice Chairman Kevin Woods says the district is required to have at least 180 calendar days in the school year. That's why Shelby County Schools plans for inclement weather days by clocking in extra time each day.

"We go to school an additional 15 minutes each day," Woods said. "I think that gives us, over the course of the year, about 9 days we can actually bank."

Woods says they have already used about four of the nine inclement weather days and there should be no threat to making the school year longer.

"The public wants to know, do we have to send our kids back to school? Are we going to have to miss spring break? The answer is absolutely not," Woods added.

Shelby County Schools will likely have another four or five more days built up before school is out for the year. And as long as they stay under nine days, they will be just fine.

Although it is not "required" for days to be made up because of "banked days," the decision to make up those missed days is ultimately left up to the board and superintendent.

WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton did try to contact other municipal school districts to see how they handle missed days, but she was unable to get a response.

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