Students engage in Twitter 'battle' with SCS

Students vent frustrations via Twitter

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Schools didn't have school Monday, but for some that decision didn't come fast enough.

Many students took to social media, venting their frustrations directly at SCS.

"The weather and the ice on the roads, it is a hazard," said Deidrick Ruffin.

Not everyone agrees with Shelby County Schools' decision to give students Monday off.

"If it ain't bad like it is now, they should be in school," said Skip Johnson.

Some students got into a Twitter battle Sunday evening when they said it took too long for administrators to call off school.

A Buzzfeed post is getting major attention as it chronicles a series of posts directly tweeted to the SCS Twitter handle following the SCS post, "We'll be keeping a close eye on the weather and road conditions tonight. No decision has been made on school tomorrow."

Students quickly replied.

Things seemed to calm down after SCS announced Monday's closures, but a tweet by SCS showing a kitten reading a book and asking students if they had been catching up on class work sent students over the edge.

The battle did die out, and some say it's okay for students to let off a little steam.

"Twitter is a social media," said Ruffin. "Everyone can say what's on their mind. It's just like a freedom of speech."

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