What we're working on Monday night

What we're working on Monday night

An apparent suicide of a 16 year old

for hours at I-40 and Canada Road. We investigate what led to such a sad turn of events.

One man wants your help to buy the

. How he is trying to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and how you could play a role, at 10.

There's a big secret in suburban neighborhoods across the Mid-South. Teens are getting hooked on something they can't let go of; tonight at 10, Lauren Squires talks to a family whose life was turned upside down because of it. It's must see TV, what Lauren uncovered could save your loved one's life, on WMC Action News 5 at 10.

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Meteorologist Ron Childers will tell you about the rest of the winter weather we can expect this week. Plus he'll give you an updated look at our


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