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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Here's what we're working on this morning for you:


is coming to Memphis International Airport. A news conference is set for later this morning. We'll talk about who they are, where they fly and what Memphians can expect.


They are getting help from the American Red Cross. This morning the latest information on what exactly happened.

3. With all the crazy weather we've been having you may have seeing more and more

. We have ways to report them and get them filled. We have that information for you this morning.

4. A pastor's wife is in hot water this morning for how she's sharing her faith. Apparently police have told her to stop praying in certain neighborhoods because she's too loud and it's disturbing the peace. We have more on this unbelievable story this morning.

Weather update

Most schools are back in session. It's dry this morning but still very cold. It's in the low 20s throughout much of the region. We are expecting sunshine with highs near 40. Details on the day and week ahead every 10 minutes with Weather on the 5s on WMC Action News 5.

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