MDOT decides not to brine roads

MDOT decides not to brine roads

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC) - Despite forecasts of snow in North Mississippi, state salt and rock trucks are staying put Tuesday.

While the trucks are being fixed and loaded, workers like Brian Childs are getting a rare breather after several icy days.

"We got guys trying to rest up and get their energy back to fight this next one," said Childs.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation usually pre-treats busy roads like Interstate 55, Highway 78, Highway 61, Highway 51, and Goodman Road with a salt brine.

This time, however, MDOT is choosing not to brine these streets.

"That salt brine is still in the pavement; it is of no benefit to retreating," explained Childs.

Childs says the highways should still have plenty of salt brine left from last week's treatment.

However, salt and rock trucks will still head out to treat roads and give drivers some traction once the wintry mix starts falling.

"We hit the highest traffic volume roads first trying to get them treated and then work down from there," said Childs.

Some drivers say that whether or not the roads are treated, they're not taking any chances.

"It's the first time I can remember this many back to back cold days," said Tom Keller. "I'm just looking forward to spring."

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