Mid-South snow reports...pretty impressive

Mid-South snow reports...pretty impressive

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Check out some of the spotter snow reports from Wednesday that came into National Weather Service in Memphis. I highlighted some of the higher totals. Most had two to six inches in North Mississippi with higher amounts as you get closer to east central Mississippi into northwest Alabama. It's hard to believe that we will approach 60 by early next week. Unfortunately, we won't see much sun. I'll post an update on the forecast later this afternoon.


AMOUNT           COUNTY                            SOURCE

3.5 INCH             LEE AR                               CO-OP OBSERVER

5.0 INCH             LEE MS                                PUBLIC

5.5 INCH             LEE MS                               TRAINED SPOTTER

3.0 INCH             LAFAYETTE MS               TRAINED SPOTTER

2.0 INCH             DESOTO MS                       TRAINED SPOTTER

E8.5 INCH          LEE MS                                PUBLIC

3.9 INCH         LAFAYETTE MS                 CO-OP OBSERVER


6.4 INCH           ITAWAMBA MS                AMATEUR RADIO

6.0 INCH           CALHOUN MS                   CO-OP OBSERVER

6.0 INCH           TISHOMINGO MS             TRAINED SPOTTER

E6.0 INCH        YALOBUSHA MS               PUBLIC

7.0 INCH           LEE MS                               TRAINED SPOTTER

1.5 INCH           ALCORN MS                      TRAINED SPOTTER

7.0 INCH           ITAWAMBA MS                TRAINED SPOTTER

7.5 INCH           ITAWAMBA MS                AMATEUR RADIO

8.0 INCH          CHICKASAW MS               PUBLIC

E1.2 INCH       SHELBY TN                         PUBLIC                             COLLIERVILLE

E4.0 INCH       DESOTO MS                         PUBLIC

E4.0 INCH       TUNICA MS                          EMERGENCY MNGR

0.5 INCH         SHELBY TN                          AMATEUR RADIO          CORDOVA

3.5 INCH         DESOTO MS                          PUBLIC                             SOUTHAVEN

E0.5 INCH      MCNAIRY TN                       TRAINED SPOTTER

E0.2 INCH      SHELBY TN                           NWS EMPLOYEE              LAKELAND

E3.0 INCH      DESOTO MS                          CO-OP OBSERVER           OLIVE BRANCH

E2.0 INCH      SHELBY TN                           PUBLIC                              COLLIERVILLE

E5.0 INCH      DESOTO MS                          TRAINED SPOTTER         HERNANDO

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