Bank robber drops cash after dye pack explodes

Bank robber drops cash after dye pack explodes

COMO, MS (WMC) - Panola County sheriff's deputies and Como police officers arrested the man they believe robbed a bank on Thursday morning.

The suspected bank robber was caught just minutes after dropping the stolen money in a woman's yard near First Security Bank in Como, Mississippi.

A stack of stained cash sat on Teresa Ware's front yard covered in red dye; money stolen from the only bank in the tiny town of Como.

"I mean someone just actually robbed a bank and just dropped the money right here in our yard," said Ware.

WMC Action News 5 was just seconds behind state troopers who came to help Panola County Deputies and Como Police Chief Earl Burdette.

Footprints in the snow and a trail of cash led investigators to the robber.

Ware's husband Eddie says he's not surprised by the brazen snow day robbery and says gang violence is up in the county

"I'm very scared for my children because in this neighborhood, they'll do anything. They will rob, they'll steal, said the concerned father.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is now handling the case and unfortunately for Teresa — there's no finder's keepers when it comes to the cold cash laying in her front yard.

"It's kinda wild. It's wild. You can't pick that up though? No I wouldn't want to pick it up, but it's something wild I mean you can't believe that stuff's actually going on right in your yard, you know," said Ware.

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