Families of slain victims say Whitehaven women are being targeted

Families of slain victims say Whitehaven women are being targeted
Cekia Armstong (Photo Source: family)
Cekia Armstong (Photo Source: family)
Nina Cook (Photo Source: family)
Nina Cook (Photo Source: family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One neighborhood, two bodies — discovered three months apart.

The families of Cekia Armstrong and Nina Cook believe someone is targeting women in Whitehaven.

"How could there be girls murdered and no one's trying to catch the person? By looking at that, that told me there are others," said Cekia's mother, Patricia Armstrong. "There's a serial killer that's a loose on the streets."

Cekia's naked body was found in a drainage ditch in August 2014, just around the corner from where Nina Cook's naked body was discovered three months earlier.

"We just can't piece it together. We can't fathom why someone would do this to her," said Lydia Mackey Smith, Cook's sister.

Investigators have not said how the women died, but a Crime Stoppers report says Nina was "brutally murdered." Cekia's mother says her daughter was beaten so badly, part of her face was gone.

"I can't imagine somebody so sweet being brutally beaten and thrown away like trash," Armstrong added.

Both women's bodies were stripped of clothing and personal belongings. Neither of the women had a car and either walked, or relied on friends, to get where they were going.

Nina's last known address was at a house on Hodge Road; Cekia's body was discovered directly across the street.

Cekia's mom says her daughter battled a drug addiction, and Nina's longtime friends say she too battled addiction. People who live near both crime scenes were hesitant to talk about the killings.

One neighbor says he just hopes neighborhood women take care.

"Be more cautious and be more careful where they're going, when they're going, and letting people know where they're at," said Ira Scott.

The victims' families want to know who is responsible. Memphis police say separate investigations are ongoing.

It is not known if the two victims knew each other.

If you have any information that might deliver justice to two grieving families, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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