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Family evicted after reporting mold to landlord

(Source: Sidle family) (Source: Sidle family)
(Source: Sidle family) (Source: Sidle family)

Mold growing inside a Bartlett apartment complex created a nightmare for one renter after she complained to her landlord.

"We noticed some stuff growing in our daughter's and son's windows and walls," Jessie Sidle told WMC Action News 5.

The 'stuff' turned out to be toxic black mold.

Less than a month ago, Sidle lived at the Quail Ridge Highland Apartments in Bartlett. She says she was evicted after blowing the whistle about mold in her apartment.

Sidle says the complex won't even admit the mold exists.

"[The complex says] it's just mildew and that we should clean it with bleach, and we should do a better job of house keeping."

Sidle had her apartment tested, and the samples came back positive.

WMC Action News 5 went to Bartlett Code Enforcement to find out what is being done about the mold. Director Jim Brown confirmed the city found mold during a visual inspection.

Brown's department then placed 'do not occupy' signs in the apartment complex.

Two other units have been deemed uninhabitable.

"It's been very stressful," Sidle said. "I've had to uproot my kids from the home that they know--that we've worked very hard to provide for them."

Quail Ridge Highland Apartments told WMC Action News 5 they had no comment on the situation.

Sidle tells us apartment employees sprayed her apartment with chemicals while they were at home. She says those chemicals combined with the mold have made her children sick.

"Black mold can cause all sorts of respiratory problems, headaches, and dizziness," Mold Terminator owner Jon Gambrell said. 

Gambrell's company did the original testing in the units and is assisting the family with decontaminating their molded property.

Gambrell says anyone in a similar situation should ask for help.

"They need to call a certified professional, have their apartment looked at or their property tested, just to rule out the possibility of having mold," Gambrell said.

Bartlett Code Enforcement said Heritage Properties, the corporate owners of Quail Ridge Highlands, is being cooperative. The company plans to send someone to inspect the apartments next week.

The Sidle family tells WMC Action News 5 they now have a lawyer and plan to fight their eviction from Quail Ridge Highlands.

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