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Slick conditions cause concern among drivers in Tennessee, Mississippi

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - The condition of Mid-South roads are a big worry for many drivers because the recent rain prevented the roads from being pre-treated ahead of the winter storm.

Slick roads could cause some major problems for drivers Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

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Shelby County

"This time it seems to be coming together as a much more significant event," said Dale Lane, Shelby County Office of Preparedness. "One of our big concerns is that there could be previous damage to trees from the last storm and then you throw in we have wind gust up to 40 miles per hour, which could cause some significant damage. Freezing temperatures, freezing rain, and so we could see some serious disruptions on our roadways."

If the roads had been pre-treated, the recent rain would have washed that effort away.

"It looks like we'll get out of this thing on Saturday, but we're gonna be fine. We'll have experts in this room around the clock. So, if things begin to happen we'll be on top of it," Lane added.

By Wednesday night, road conditions deteriorated. 

On the interstate, roads were slick as sleet accumulated on roads.

Several cars pulled to the side of the road on Interstate-40 Eastbound.

On Interstate-55 and Shelby Drive, a driver lost control and ran off the road.

On Union Avenue in Memphis, six lanes became two easily passable lanes.

On North Parkway near Ayers Street, Memphis police shut down the road after a car came into contact with a tree.  It's unclear whether the tree fell on the car or the car crashed into the tree.  Fortunately, the driver was not hurt.

Though all six municipal districts and Shelby County Schools decided to close Thursday, city crews were not taking any chances.

Salt and sand trucks lined up at Collin's Yard to load up, then head out onto the streets.

Bridges, overpasses, and inclines are always the first to be treated, followed by police precinct and hospital parking lots. Major intersections are a high priority as well.

However, not all major streets are treated, and minor or residential streets are not treated at all.

TDOT says they have snow plows and they've been checking accumulations and addressing areas of concerns as needed.

North Mississippi

MDOT is reporting icy conditions in DeSoto, Tunica, and Coahoma Counties.

Traffic is already increasing on Interstate 55 as drivers try to get home ahead of the ice and sleet.

Rain caused problems for drivers with reports of flooding in some parts of DeSoto County on Wednesday. Like in Shelby County, Mississippi road crews were unable to get out to treat the streets with sand and salt because the rain would wash the mixture away.

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