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Prevent windshield damage following an ice storm

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Scraping the ice of a windshield is something that the majority of drivers don't like to do during or after a storm. It's often inevitable, but it's the steps you take prior to the storm and how you handle the ice that does accumulate that can mean the difference between driving to work or driving to the car repair shop.

"Turn on your defroster," advised Eric Goad with Barton's Car Care.

Goad says using your defroster is the best way to get ice off of your windshield without doing any damage to the glass.

So what can you do before the storm hits?

"Always put your windshield wipers up. Never use the wipers if there's ice on the windshield. Never," Goad warned. "Because then you'll come see me. You'll break the transmission in it and you'll come see me."

Goad says the day following a storm, he gets a lot of business from people who tried to use their frozen windshield wipers.

"It takes one second to flip the wipers up," he added. "Raise them before it gets icy."

A piece of cardboard placed on the windshield can help a little bit, but the best way to clear ice is to have some patience and let your car and windshield warm up before tackling it with the ice scraper.

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