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Mid-Southerners stock up for snow days

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

In the areas blanketed with heavy snow, many businesses shut down for the day. However, a few places were open during normal hours: gas stations, grocery, and hardware stores.

For many people in the Mid-South, a trip to the grocery store was unavoidable.

"Well, when you're in college, you're constantly hungry," said Elisa Gomez.

Some like Ethan Lantto, though, say snow days are the best days to journey down the aisles.

"Not that many people are out, so it's actually a good time to go to the grocery store," he explained.

Besides grocery stores, home improvement retailers like Home Depot were open, as well as pharmacies and some coffee shops.

Instead of getting behind the wheel, many chose to walk. 

"Some of these other cars are nice enough to pat that snow down for me so that I can get out there tomorrow," said Melissa Bennett.

But, those who braved the roads, like Harold Witherspoon, took it "slow and steady."

Many fast food restaurants and even some banks either closed their doors altogether or opened late.

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