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Murder victim's family waits for justice

(Source: Beverly Shelley) (Source: Beverly Shelley)
Beverly Shelley is working with troubled teens since her husband's murder. (Source: WMC Action News 5) Beverly Shelley is working with troubled teens since her husband's murder. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

The trial for the three teenagers accused of murdering J.P. Shelley was rescheduled for August 31.

Shelley's wife, Beverly, says the trial will be extremely difficult for her and her family, but it's something that must happen in order for justice to be served.

"You never expect that you're going to get called at work one day and find out that your husband has been murdered," said Beverly, who is now raising two kids by herself.

J.P. Shelley was robbed and then shot while working on a house in the 4700 block of Scottsdale Avenue in October 2013. He later died at the hospital.

Three teenagers, Thomas Moss, Derek Cunningham, and Corey Sandifer are charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of aggravated robbery and aggravated robbery.

The 42-year-old husband and father quit his job in order to take care of his father and spend more time with his kids. Just before his murder, he began working as a part-time contractor, renovating homes. He was working at a vacant home when he was murdered.

The teenagers' defense attorneys requested that the trial be pushed back.

"I really detest going to court, but it's part of it. If you want to see justice served, that's part of it," Beverly said. "Especially with having three different defendants. There's a lot of waiting around because you have to wait on the defendants, their teams, their defense teams, and the prosecution team."

But what's even worse than waiting, she said, is hearing the gory details of the last moments of her husband's life.

"It's my understanding, they were told to kneel. My husband gave them his wallet, iPad, his phone, gave them everything they requested and have his hands up in the air and was shot in the face," she said.

While she waits for the accused teenagers to be tried, Beverly hopes to inspire change by working with local programs to mentor troubled teens.

"I felt from the beginning that God had a plan for our family in this, and I'm just praying I can make something better out of his death," she said.

Beverly is now a board member for Juvenile Intervention & Faith-Based Follow-up (JIFF). She speaks to troubled teens across the Mid-South.

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