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Apple expected to unveil details about smartwatch

(Source: NBC News Channel) (Source: NBC News Channel)

Apple unveiled its new smartwatch on Monday.

The smartwatch will arrive on April 24, with the basic "Sport" model retailing for $349. The stainless steel version will be priced from $549-$1,099, and the Apple Watch "Edition" models will start at $10,000.

The Apple Watch is the most advanced timepiece ever created," said Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday at the company's event in San Francisco.

One of Apple's biggest challenges will be convincing people to spend a minimum of $349 for a device that needs to be paired with an iPhone to perform functions like reading or sending a message.

The watch is controlled by swiping the touchscreen or turning the "digital crown" on the side, which can be used to scroll, zoom or return to the home screen. It doesn't have a keyboard, but instead, people can send simple, pre-written messages, dictate to Siri, take phone calls, or even send their heartbeat by pressing two fingers down on the touchscreen. 

It will also feature Apple Pay to let people make purchases by swiping their watch at stores.Other products rolled out at a company event in San Francisco included a newly revised Macbook, billed as the "most energy efficient" notebook ever made.

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