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Witnesses say teenager brutally arrested by police

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

Witnesses say police used brutal force when arresting a teenager inside a Huddle House restaurant on Saturday.

Cell phone video caught police officers arresting 18-year-old Michael Hollins.

"He followed me to the table I was going to and asked me if I had an I.D. I told him I didn't have an I.D.," Hollins recalled.

That's when Hollins said officers started to place him under arrest. When he asked police what he was being apprehended for, officers got rough.

Hollins said he was not read his rights or told why he was being detained when officers pinned him to the ground. 

"They wouldn't tell me why I was being arrested," said Hollins. "What did I do for them to arrest me?"

Michael Hollins' mother, Adrienne Hollins, also wants to know why her son was targeted.

"If you're going to arrest a child, tell them why," she said.

Hollins' mother watched the video and heard people in the crowd saying her son didn't do anything.

"He ain't even do nothing," said Adrienne Hollins. "I cried, I cried."

Adrienne fears for her son's safety, not only in the streets of Senatobia, but in the presence of the city's police.

"I'm going to feel like every time he comes this way, there is going to be a problem with him and those officers," said Adrienne Hollins.

Senatobia police chief Steve Holts said over the phone, "If Hollins would have done what officers told him to do, then officers wouldn't have had to restrain him."

Meanwhile, Hollins faces four charges related to the arrest, including possession of a controlled substance and retaliation against an authority figure.

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