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Professionals illuminate risks of eyelash extensions

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

Anyone who's willing to spend several hundred dollars can get eyelashes to lust after.

In a new beauty trend, women are trying permanent eyelash extensions to fill out and lengthen their lashes.

"They're just really easy to maintain," said Allie Griffin. "It makes me feel great."

Griffin went to get a touch up on her lashes. She's already had the initial procedure-- individually glued extensions that are supposed to last until the real lashes naturally fall out.

"With these you can cry, you can shower, you can swim, and they stay on," added Griffin.

But lash technician Gabby Bradford says not every salon is reputable. Making the wrong choice could result in lashes that don't look quite so lustrous, or worse, significant health problems.

"If you feel pinching, and you just feel anything other than what you felt before you had your lashes put on," advised Bradford. "They should feel the same way before and after the application."

Dr. Andrew Michael of Commonwealth Eye Care Associates said botched eyelash extension procedures could lead to permanent problems.

"You can have redness and irritation of the skin, itching, burning," said Dr. Michael. "It can cause problems on the surface of the eye."

Some doctors say in some cases, the irritation could cause eyelashes to permanently fall out.

The glue itself can also lead to issues.

"It's cynoacrylate glue," explained Bradford. "It's the same glue that plastic surgeons use."

Before you go through the procedure, check and make sure all the ingredients in the glue are FDA certified. There are accounts of shoddy salons using unapproved adhesives, even hardware glue. Formaldehyde levels in the glue should be extremely low or undetectable.

"It's important for people who are prone to have allergies, or people who just want to make sure that, if they have an event coming up or a trip that they're planning, that they're not going to have a reaction," Bradford advised.

If you're considering the procedure, ask for referrals and try to see your technician's work in person. Bradford says to make sure each lash is separate and none are stuck together.

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