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A break today, possible flooding tomorrow

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Clouds, fog and reduced visibility… it's on the order for the weather today, without the rain. Enjoy it, because a return to heavy rain is expected over the next few days. Thursday and Friday could prove very wet once again, with one to as much as three inches of rain expected before it all shuts off for Saturday.

Flooding will be a big concern tomorrow into Friday as well, which really isn't surprising. We've certainly had our fair share of recent heavy precipitation events. It was just last week that we received 2-5” of snow across the Memphis metro, rain before and after that, plus the nearly 1.5” inches of rain just in the last few days. It's no wonder the ground is soaked across the Mid-South.

The additional rain that we are scheduled to receive tomorrow and Friday will basically just be runoff. In other words, the ground is so saturated that it simply cannot absorb any more liquid. This will cause a problem for those along flood-prone areas and small streams and rivers. The flood potential is especially high across North Mississippi along the river, where we all remember last September's extreme flooding (this will be nowhere near that severe).

At this point, keep a vigilant eye out on your homes in those areas susceptible to flooding, and we'll keep you safe and informed of the rain ahead.

The good news? We can all look forward to a much drier and eventually sunnier weekend, with the mild temperatures remaining in the forecast through most, if not all of next week.

Stay dry!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

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