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Wintry weather plays factor in falling trees

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

The wintry weather the Mid-South endured recently could be the reason trees are coming down.

Age isn't the only factor at play as trees begin tumbling in the spring. Snow, ice, rain, and wind make for a lethal combination.

"I've been on several calls already looking at trees that have fallen over," said Davey Tree Expert Company District Manager Nathan Baker.

The added moisture when attacked by wind makes it easier for trees to uproot, especially in residential areas.

"When they are out in the yard in more of a specimen location, that's when they are more likely to fall over," Baker explained.

Midtown homeowner David Getheart is used to falling trees. He gets the older trees surrounding his home checked every year.

"We lost some trees at our other homes and Hurricane Elvis," he said. "We get them cleaned up about once a year, just because of the fact that a lot of trees are kind of old."

Baker's best advice for homeowners is to get your larger trees checked, even if they appear to be healthy on the outside. Don't wait until they've fallen down to find they are dead on the inside.

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