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Mega-church pastor wants $65M for private plane

(Photo Source: Creflo Dollar Ministries website) (Photo Source: Creflo Dollar Ministries website)

Leader of World Changers Church International Creflo Dollar is making an online plea for a new private jet, something he says is necessary to keep his ministry running properly.

"I am so determined to preach this gospel around this world because people are condemned," said Dollar.

The longtime mega-church pastor is taking to online crowd funding to buy a $65 million G650. On Friday, it was hard for WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton to find anyone who supported his request.

"I don't think that a $65 million jet is appropriate for a pastor," said John Wright.

In an online video, Dollar says the private plane he had before is now out of service after a series of malfunctions .

"We were on our way to the Pacific Ocean and about an hour into the trip," Dollar said. "The right engine went out."

The minister says the 30-year-old jet clocked in four million miles, mostly from spreading the gospel around the world.

Many people who spoke to WMC believe this minister can do a lot more with the money than use it on an expensive jet.

"I would like $65 million to, I don't know, maybe educate the kids in this country," said Krista Abbott. "Provide them with better education, maybe give some money to the homeless, maybe eat some food."

Amber Stover added, "I don't think a pastor needs to be flying a G6. I think that he needs to work on charity, and last time I knew, churches were supposed to not be for profit."

In a statement online, the ministry stated:

“Due to this recent incident coupled with the 31 years the airplane has been in service, we believe it is time to replace this aircraft so that our Pastors and staff can continue to safely and swiftly share the Good News of the Gospel worldwide. We need your help to continue reaching a lost and dying world for the Lord Jesus Christ."

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