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Official documents reveal new details in fatal Southaven ATV crash

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

Police reports document what witnesses say happened the night of a fatal ATV crash in Southaven, Mississippi.

Officer Dwight Brittain pursued the ATVs in Southaven, then the chase crossed over state lines into the city of Memphis.

Taylor Hopper, 21, lost her life after the ATV crashed near the intersection of Tulane Road and Stateline Road.

According to the State of Mississippi Uniform Crash Report, she was riding on the back of an ATV driven by 22-year-old Zachery Wilburn. Patrol officer Dwight Brittain passed the vehicle while pursuing a speeding 4-wheeler ahead of Wilburn and Hopper.

The report states that Brittain did have his emergency equipment active. Wilburn's statement says "that after passing him, the patrol vehicle merged back into the northbound lane and slammed on his brakes."

The ATV then veered off-road to keep from hitting the patrol car. It overturned, throwing Hopper from the back.

Brittain's statement says he was pursuing two ATVs that ran a stop sign. He also says he did pass one ATV and "hit his brakes and slowed."

The report then says that Brittain continued into the City of Memphis, traveled southbound back into Southaven, and got out of the car near the crash. He then called for Memphis police and EMS.

One outside witness reported that she saw Hopper lying in the middle of the street and a young man kneeling over her body.

In a phone call, Brittain declined to comment and referred WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton to speak with the city on the matter.

Brittain is currently under investigation for not being certified during his time at the Southaven Police Department.

Although the information about the crash comes from the official police report, Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite released the following statement:

"This information has not been confirmed as factual at this time. Our policies and procedures are appropriate now, but this investigation is still ongoing and the City will not discuss this or any take action until this investigation has been completed."

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