State Senator John Ford fights an increase in child support payments

State Senator John Ford is back in court fighting an increase in child support payments. This is John Ford's second appearance in Juvenile Court. He wants to prove he has two primary residences with two of his families in them because, according to a law he authored, keeps court ordered child support lower when a father has obligations to other children. The only court ordered child support goes to the mother who is suing Ford for more support.

Tennessee state senator John Ford left a juvenile court hearing denying he tried to get child support payments lowered. Ford was back in juvenile court trying to offer proof he lives in two different homes, one in Collierville with Connie Mathews, the mother of two of his children, and one in Germantown, with his ex wife Tamara Mitchell Ford and their three children.. a fourth one is on the way. Ford's attorney told the court nothing says he can't have two residences. David Caywood said ," If that's his lifestyle that's his lifestyle. It may be criticized by some."

Ford is fighting a law suit filed by a third woman Dana Smith Jeffreys who wants her $500 a month child support payments increased for a 10 year old girl Ford fathered. Smith was a former employee under Ford when he was general sessions court clerk. She won a 1996 sexual harassment verdict against Ford. Ford says he spends around one thousand dollars a month for his five other children by paying the mortgages on the two homes....utilities..their needs and cars as well as incidentals. None of it is court ordered. Ford testified he rarely sees his ten year old daughter because his mother has moved three times and he didn't know her address. Ford did not want to say much after the hearing. "I have no comment. You heard it, you were sitting there, nothing further to add to it . Is this irritating to you how about that no its part of the process its not irritating to me."

Tuesday, John Ford filed a petition for increased visitation for his ten year old daughter. Interestingly, when there is little visitation that can be used as a reason to get higher child support. The court is expected to decide if Ford should pay more child support for the ten year old girl next week.