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DeSoto County students and teachers make up snows days

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

Thanks to a snowy February, DeSoto County students and teachers are having to make up days on Saturday.

Hernando High School's 6A state champion band spent the morning practicing as they and their classmates showed up to make-up recent snow days.

"We've missed six school days due to bad weather," said Milton Kuykendall, DeSoto County Superintendent.

Junior Joshua Miller remembers those snowy icy days and was glad Desoto County canceled classes because of the weather.

"I didn't feel like we needed to be out in the ice and snow stuff," said Miller.

According to district guidelines, Desoto County students got out of class around lunch, but it counted for a full makeup day. It's called the 60 percent rule and students will have to use it once more, on Saturday April 11.

Superintendent Kuykendall says the other four make up days will have to be full days. He also noted that while not everyone was happy about make up classes, he's pleased with the number of people who attended school on Saturday.

"When we have school on Saturday, we have poor attendance," said Kuykendall. "Today we have 80 percent of our students and 91 percent of our teachers are in school that's the best we ever had attendance on Saturday."

Make up days are mandatory for these students because Mississippi State law requires that students be in class for 180 days. And while Joshua Miller says Saturday school was unusual, he and other classmates tried to make the best of it.

"A little less students but as far as the teaching and stuff, no different," said Miller.

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