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Monday morning's headlines

Good Monday morning!

Here are some of the stories we're working on this Monday morning:

1. Four Shelby County jailers are accused of trying to smuggle Oxycontin in jail for inmates in exchange for money. We have more details this morning.

2. Five men have been charged with selling counterfeit merchandise this weekend at flea markets. We have some experts weighing in this morning on how to spot a fake the next time you shop.

3. Just hours from now, a protest in Claiborne County in Mississippi will call for justice for 54-year-old Otis Byrd. Last week he was found hanging from a tree limb 12-feet high, just yards from his home.. We'll bring you up to date on the case this morning on WMC.

4. About 100 U.S. troops could be the target of ISIS on American soil. The terror group known as the Islamic State Hacking Organization is calling for beheadings and attacks in the United States. We have details on what this means and how credible it is this morning.

Weather update:

We have sunshine and warmer temps today! WOOHOO! High of 72 today. Details on the rest of the week and a peak to the weekend every 10 minutes with Weather on the 5s on WMC.

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