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First round of spring storms to move in Wednesday

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Rainy weather (not to mention some ice and snow) has been no stranger to Memphis and the Mid-South lately. The last few months we were plagued with the season of winter over our heads, and it certainly felt like it. Now we're officially in spring, and that means another weather phenomena we know all too well is here - spring-time thunderstorms. The first round of which may come out way this Wednesday.

Fortunately for us until then, we can enjoy mainly sunny skies and highs well into the 70s. By the middle of the week though, another strong cold front will move in from the West. While tweaks to the timeline and specifics may change from now until then, here's how we think it'll play out:

Tuesday night into Wednesday, a little shortwave, or kink in the “zonal” flow or general flow of the upper air will spark off a few showers and storms in E. Arkansas and W. Tennessee. While we're not expecting any of these to be long-lived or severe, there could be a brief heavy downpour for some. Meanwhile, a strong, surging cold front will make its move across the central plains during the day Wednesday and move through our area late in the day into Thursday.

Now ahead of this, central Texas could see highs in the 80s followed by a quick movement of colder air. Yes - it's a recipe for possible severe weather (see attached graphic) WEST of us, with a lot of the energy producing storms with gusty winds, hail and even an isolated tornado. 

The Mid-South may get spared the worst as the lines of storms move east. While we can't rule out the possibility of a few strong storms late Wednesday into Thursday, right now non-severe thunderstorms and some heavy downpours seem to be the order of how things should play out.

The big story besides that? A surge of MUCH cooler temperatures behind the front. Don't get too used to the 70s my friends - we'll be into the 50s for highs come the end of the week. Hey, at least we're still above freezing right?

After that, expect a pretty decent weekend, with recovering sky conditions and temperatures. As always, we'll be watching the skies this week for you!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

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