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Rodriquez Hunter's Facebook posts show cries for help

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The family of Chatoya Hunter confirms that her husband, Rodriquez Hunter, shot and killed the 39-year-old woman in a Whitehaven Kroger parking lot Wednesday morning.

On Hunter's Facebook page, he made several emotional pleas days before shooting his wife and taking his own life.

Counselors say Rodriquez Hunter's recent posts to Facebook are red flags that show he needed help.

In his last words on Facebook, Hunter prayed for deliverance:

"My God, My Redeemer, take every hurt, pain, feeling, emotion & thought that's not of you out of me God. Deliver me from even the thought of sin lord."

Domestic Violence Counselor Jennifer Pike says his posts are a cry for help.

"Well it sounds like he was really overwhelmed and he was trying to get that social support and trying to find some way to feel better," said Pike.

Pike says that every domestic violence case is different, but it's very common that abusers come from a home where domestic violence is common.

"So they don't have their skills for dealing with conflict," Pike explained. "The other thing that is very common or seen with abusive people is that they don't accept responsibility for their own actions and feelings. It's usually someone else's fault."

Earlier, Hunter posted about working on his marriage and asking God to remove all anger from his heart.

Pike says signs of change and promises are the reason many women stay in domestic violence relationships.

"Part of the cycle of abuse are promises for change," Pike added. "'I'll never do that again. I promise you I'm not going to hit you again. I'll promise you I'll change."

There is a way out for people struggling with domestic violence relationships. If you or someone you know is in that situation, contact The Exchange Club Family Center at (901)276-2200 for help in Spanish or English. You can also visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline's website or call them at 1(800)799-7233.

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