John Ford takes ribbing on Leno

Tennessee State Senator John Ford and his troubles have become fodder for late night television and a national radio show. It's a drama now coming into living rooms across the country.

Jay Leno Tuesday night mocked John Ford for his personal trials and tribulations. Monday Rush Limbaugh took Ford to task talking about his baby mamma drama on his show and listing a link on his website to the Associated Press story detailing Ford's child support fight. We went to Ford's senate district and asked his constituents what they think of all of the negative national attention.

"The Jerry Springer award it's all in fun and games it's the Leno Show. I mean that's what he does he makes fun of President Bush. He makes fun of Condeleeza Rice," said one constituent.

"It is embarrassing it really is. I don't think its right," said another voter. I tried to contact Senator John Ford for a comment about the dubious Jerry Springer award given by Jay Leno--he did not reply.