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Eye scanner technology prevents car thefts

(Source: NBC News Channel) (Source: NBC News Channel)

Every 45 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the U.S. That crime is actually becoming less frequent. But, why?

Iris scanning technology is looking to keep even more cars from being stolen.

"Unfortunately for the driver who wants to bend the rules, there's no way around it. You are gonna get in, you will get authenticated, and if you're not the right guy, you're not starting that vehicle." said Tom Malone, Voxx Electronics president.

Eyelock, which is based in New York, developed small infrared cameras and technology that scan the irises of your eyes. Because they will match the iris scans you put into the car, you'll be able to start it up and drive away.

The odds of a car thief or someone else having irises that match yours? One in several trillion.

So, only you-- or someone else already scanned into the car's memory-- will be the driver.

Eye monitoring is the next wave of making our vehicles smarter, keeping drivers' eyes on the road.

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