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Wednesday morning's headlines

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

Here are some of the stories we'll have for you this morning on WMC Action News 5:

1. A controversial decision to close three Shelby County schools ... hundreds of students are now being forced to other schools after the school board voted last night to go with Superintendent Dorsey Hopson's consolidation, rezoning, and reconfiguration plans. We have details on this issue this morning.

2. The clock is ticking in the battle for benefits for Memphis police officers and if an agreement isn't reached with city leaders. You the taxpayer could end up seeing an impact to your public safety and your wallets. We have details this morning on WMC Action News 5.

3. We've learned Memphis will not be getting a House of Blues music venue. Last night we told you about excitement for an announcement from entertainment company Live Nation. Many had speculated that House of Blues could open on Beale Street, but the company says that is not the case. 

4. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson could sign the controversial bill promising religious freedom in that state. Nineteen other states have similar laws. and former President Bill Clinton passed a federal version of it when he was commander in chief. We have the latest from both sides this morning.

Weather update:

We had some strong thunderstorms in the area overnight. Roadways are wet and slick out there. It's already in the 60s this morning. We'll look at a high of around 80 today. Details on rain chances today and the rest of the week and the weekend. Details with weather on the 5s on WMC every 10 minutes.

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