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Whitehaven community prays for officer injured in shooting

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

The people of the Whitehaven community want Organized Crime Unit officer Robert Armour to know they're praying for him and thankful for his service to the city.

Armour was shot in the leg on Thursday afternoon on Hester Road while responding to a drug or gang complaint; he is now recovering at home.

After the shooting, the street quickly filled with officers.

Harrison Stevens was working in his garden when the sound of gunfire turned his peaceful afternoon into chaos.

"Heard two shots. I came up and I heard a car racing off," Stevens said.

Peggy Posey lives next to where the officer was shot. All she can think about is the officer and his family.

"That's just terrible," said Posey. "I just feel for them."

Home repairman Chico Nelson was building a deck at the time of the shooting.

"Next thing we know, a police car was going behind them, but they didn't have the sirens on," Nelson explained. "A few minutes later, we heard the gentleman holler twice down there."

Responders swarmed the Whitehaven area.

"All of the police officers began showing up so we knew it had to be something really major," said Stevens. "I'm glad everybody came and I hope the officer is OK."

"Hope he'll be alright. I'll pray for him," Nelson said. "When the ambulance got here, he was up on the gurney, so we assumed he was doing alright."

During the crime scene investigation, officers and bystanders heard what sounded like another gunshot. 

"Couple of officers came back with me," explained Stevens. "We didn't see anything. We just heard what seemed like a shot."

The source of the sound remains a mystery.

Neighbors are disturbed that someone, who was on the job trying to protect the community, was so boldly attacked.

"That's terrible that he shot somebody. The man tells him he's an officer," said Posey. "Even if he wasn't an officer, that's still terrible that you just shoot somebody."

Family, acquaintances, and neighbors confirm that 29-year-old Daniel Jefferson is the suspect in the shooting.

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