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Friday night's headlines

Good evening,

Here's a look at what's most popular on right now, what we're working on in the WMC Action News 5 newsroom and what you can look forward to later!

Weather Update:

Managing Meteorologist Ron Childers will tell you about the cold front moving in this weekend. Plus he'll give you an updated look at our 7-day forecast.

What we're working on:

The Memphis Police Association and Mid-South Peace and Justice Center are addressing claims by the suspect accused of shooting a Memphis police officer, that he was abused and water boarded.

We have surveillance video of a man breaking into a Mid-South lego shop and getting away. The business owner is asking for your help to find him tonight.

It's the Battle of the Birds inside the newly renovated Autozone Park! See which team came out on top and hear from fans excited the game went on despite the rain, at 10.

Top headlines/trending:

1. Driver finds bag full of cash in roadway

2. Men suspected of shooting OCU officer claims police beating

3. Dateline NBC to spotlight the murder of Heather Palumbo-Jones

4. Parents charged in death of Marshall Co. infant

5. 19-year-old indicted in Kroger employee attack

We hope you'll join us on WMC Action News 5 at 10 after an all new “Dateline” featuring the Mid-South story of the murder of Heather Palumbo-Jones.

Have a great night!

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