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New photo campaign builds support for firefighters union

(Photo Source: Swain Photography) (Photo Source: Swain Photography)

A new poster child is working to get Memphis City Council's attention over a firefighters union contract.

Bartlett-based photographer Amanda Swain took the latest batch of photos with masked fireman who wants to be identified as "John Smith."

"I hear these stories and I want to make sure people know the stories behind the faces," Swain explained.

The photos feature a firefighter in uniform in front of major city landmarks that were recently approved for funding by city council.

Each photo has a different message for city council members, and the collection is drawing lots of attention.

Councilman Myron Lowery says the union has a right to protest what is happening in the city council.

"It's good because it keeps this issue in front of the public," said Lowery. "Hopefully, the public will know why the city is doing what it's doing."

One of the most shared photos features a child standing next to John Smith with a sign that reads ,"Please don't crush my dream."

"It's children, and if you think about it, they're growing up in a time like this," said Swain. "It's almost discouraging as a parent because you hear them say, 'I want to be a firefighter,' but you're the adult and know where that's headed."

Lowery says that, like the situation with Memphis Police Department, the city council will likely have to decide the outcome of this battle. He says if the council takes up the issue, they will have to decide what's best for everyone in the city, not just one group.

However, he wants to be clear that even though pictures say a thousand words, they don't always tell an unbiased story.

"The pictures that the firefighters are giving don't tell the whole story," Lowery explained. "It's their side of the story, but there's another side as well."

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