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Lawyers argue procedure in Noura Jackson's retrial

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5/2009) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5/2009)

The beginning stages of a retrial for Noura Jackson, the woman who was convicted  in 2009 of killing her mother, are underway. 

Noura Jackson was convicted after prosecutors portrayed her as a vengeful daughter who was so caught up in partying and drugs that she stabbed her mother, Jennifer Jackson, more than 50 times in hopes of continuing that lifestyle.

That conviction was overturned last August after the Supreme Court ruled misconduct in the case by then-prosecutor Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich.

Weirich recused herself from the case. Mike Dunavant is the new prosecutor assigned to Jackson's case. 

In a motion to the court, he asked that 17 members of Weirich's support staff be assigned to assist his 25th district office in preparation for Jackson's new trial.

"I do certainly believe and take the position that I should be able to use the resources of the local district attorney's office," Dunavant said.

Dunavant claims that he needs the staffers because his office does not have the manpower or money to prosecute Jackson.

Jackson's defense attorneys filed a motion on Wednesday arguing against Dunavant's request.

"The defense thinks it's a preposterous argument to say they don't have the resources," defense attorney Michael Working said.

Working claims that Tennessee sets aside millions of dollars to help prosecutors with their cases, while he and his defense team are working pro-bono.

The judge in Nora Jackson's new trial ordered both sides to come back to court May 13 to argue their issues in a full hearing.

Until then, Jackson remains in jail without bond.

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