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Former Judge Joe Brown reacts to losing contempt charge appeal

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

For the first time, former Judge Joe Brown is speaking out about the decision to uphold a contempt charge against him, which stems from a March 2014 courtroom outburst.

Brown says the decision is an example of a dysfunctional court system.

"No, it's not out of line with what I tolerated in my court," said Brown. "In fact, I enjoyed a good vigorous argument by council. I wouldn't of cut anyone off like that."

It's a heated argument that Brown says was completely in line. The exchange was recorded on courtroom audio.

Horne: "Mr. Brown, the court finds you in contempt."

Brown: "Here's $10. That's all you got on me."

Horne: "I sentence you to 24 day --- for 24 hours in the Shelby County Jail."

Brown: "You're out of it. The maximum--."

Horne: "You may take a seat"

Brown: " I'm not. Ten dollars."

Brown got into the verbal argument with Shelby County Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne during a client's child support hearing. Brown says he was "respectfully and zealously" advocating for his client.

According to court documents, Horne stated Brown was "directing some of his invective toward the 'audience' rather than the Magistrate." 

Brown referred to the court as a "sorry operation" and a "circus."

The fight is not over for Brown.

"Request for a re-hearing, some other stuff to be submitted. So it goes up to the full nine member panel. Maybe. Or to the Supreme Court. Maybe," said Brown.

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