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Henri Brooks plans to appeal her sentencing

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

Former Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks says she will appeal her sentencing handed down for faking her address on election documents. 

After court, the first thing Brooks did was thank her supporters. 

"People have called and said encouraging words. They've said they are concerned about me," she said.

A judge sentenced Brooks to a two year suspended prison sentence, which means she will not spend time in prison. She was also sentenced to two years probation, mental health treatment, and community service.

Her attorney was disappointed.

"The concern is the felony now on her record," said Andre Wharton.

A group of character witnesses took the stand to support Brooks, including Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey, community activist Reverend LaSimba Gray, and former Judge Joe Brown.

"Unlike a lot of people that do things just because they want to do it, she actually had a physical threat component," said Brown.

Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey said, "Seeing her in here today was very disappointing, because she didn't deserve that. In terms of her fate, because she has made such outstanding contributions."

The charge against Brooks involved the address she used to run for Juvenile Court clerk last August.

Brooks took the stand and claimed she had been staying with her daughter in Cordova because her daughter had a bad hip accident.

The prosecution argued Brooks' ex-boyfriend admitted he let her use his address, but she didn't actually live there.

It surfaced in court that Brooks was concerned about a stalker at the time of the address confusion. Brooks said she was in fear for her life at the time, dealing with a stalker and someone shooting at her house.

Much of the hearing centered on an unrelated simple assault charge recently dismissed against Brooks in a parking lot rage incident.

"We respect the ruling and the judge, but we have a right to appeal her ruling so we will appeal," Brooks said.

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