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Blockbuster stands alone in Corinth, Miss.

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

While driving in Corinth, Mississippi, WMC Action News 5 was surprised to learn there is still one remaining Blockbuster location in the Mid-South.

The once dominant video rental empire has taken a back seat to streaming options like Netflix, Hulu and kiosks like RedBox.

A Selmer, Tennessee store recently closed, making Corinth's location the final Blockbuster in the Memphis area.

On a Friday afternoon, the store was busy. Customers were shocked to learn there were so few locations around the country. They said they like going to the store.

“I don't really do the streaming and all of that, just like she said we're old school,” said Tiawanna Ivy, who remembers when the rental stores were on almost every corner.

Store manager Anita Sides says even people in town can't believe the store is still in business, despite the company closing.

“They see my shirt and say, 'You work at Blockbuster?' and I say, 'Yeah, I still work at Blockbuster. It is it's a real place it still exists,'” Sides said.

Many people enjoy the convenience of kiosks and streaming options, but the Ivy family sticks to their routine.

“You have a variety to choose from, you can keep them for more than one day and if they're scratched, you can bring them back up here and get a new one,” Ivy said.

Sides says they advertise and change pricing to keep up with other movie options out there. People can't believe the final piece of a once booming empire lies in the small city of Corinth.

“We went to cell phones that are computers in our hand, and you can watch anything anytime, but there's still those people that enjoy the experience,” Sides said.

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