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Convenient or tacky? Online wish lists make gift giving easy

(Source: NBC News Channel) (Source: NBC News Channel)

Online wish lists can make it easier than ever to buy and receive gifts, and businesses are banking on it.

Websites like allow users to set up a gift registry for just about any occasion.

"What we're seeing is something people call registry creep," said's Dan Ackerman.

Registries for graduations, housewarming parties, kid's birthday parties and even divorces are growing in popularity. They take the guesswork out of gift giving, but also risk being considered tacky.

"Its not about asking for what you want, it's about being grateful for what you get," noted Etiquette School of New York founder Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick.

Users of these alternative registries should follow a few words of etiquette advice.

"One should never include that information on the invitation," Napier-Fitzpatrick advises. "Those occasions are to celebrate with friends and they're about the friends and the guests and not about the gifts"

The registry should only be provided when someone asks for it.

Etiquette experts say it is proper etiquette to bring a gift whenever you attend a celebration, whether it be a holiday event or a housewarming party. It is up to you to decide what to bring, but asking the host for ideas or a link to a registry is perfectly acceptable.

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