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A Better Mid-South: Children shot in Memphis


Editorial by WMC Action News 5 General Manager Tracey Rogers:

7-year-old Kirsten Williams -- killed in a drive-by shooting on a Memphis Street.

15-year-old Cateria Stokes -- killed in a drive-by shooting in her Memphis home while she was sleeping.

I, like so many of you, am heartbroken about these precious children being taken by violence on our streets.

I'm thankful many of us do not have to worry about our children being shot to death when we put them to bed at night or let them play on our street, but some of our neighbors do.

What can we do to help? At this point, lift them up and if you are inclined, pray for our community.

Pray we can take back our streets from the criminals who are killing our children.

If you have given up on someone else solving this problem, empower yourself to have a voice.

Tell me how you feel about the deaths of Kirsten and Cateria.

Email me at ABetterMidSouth@wmctv.com or like my Facebook page, A Better Mid-South. and leave a message there.

Lift up our community and let's help seek a safer, stronger, and better Mid-South for our children.

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