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Tornado sirens malfunction, startle Memphis neighborhood

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A tornado siren going off in Avon Park behind White Station Elementary School is putting neighbors on edge.

Siren number 70 went off in error twice on Sunday and Monday mornings.

"We were just getting our daughter ready for day care and all of a sudden we heard the sirens," Halle Reynolds said.

The sirens were so loud they scared Brandy Flynn's baby.

"He just shot off and ran back to the house," Flynn said. "I'm like, 'What's going on?' And that's when the siren went off."

In addition to startling people for no reason, the glitchy siren has neighbors worried that it won't work when they really need it.

"Now that I know it's a false alarm, I'm going to wonder next time it happens: is it for real?" Flynn said.

The Avon Park siren is operated by Memphis Office of Emergency Management.

Leaders of that office say the siren is waterlogged. The group deactivated the siren until it can be repaired.

The siren is under warranty, so office leaders are working to make sure the manufacturer fixes the problem quickly and efficiently.

Memphis has 109 tornado sirens, most of which have overlapping coverage areas.

While the siren is being repaired, anyone living in the Avon Park area should make sure they have a weather radio or the WMC Action News 5 StormTrack app. Both will help you stay ahead of any severe storms.

Also, if you want to know where all the sirens are located in Memphis click here. There, you'll find a number to call if you think your siren is not working properly.

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