City plan could help those with TennCare troubles

The majority of people who face losing TennCare are the working uninsured, but there is a little known program that can help them keep healthcare coverage. As a waitress, Evelyn Ferrell spends hours maneuvering the narrow aisles of the Cupboard Restaurant. So when her feet started giving her problems, and she needed to see a doctor, Ferrell was thankful her employer offered the Memphis plan.

"I would be in a bad shape if I didn't ever have it," Ferrel said.

The Memphis plan is low cost healthcare sponsored by Church Health Center and the Memphis Medical Society.

"It's really a remarkable way that the healthcare community of Memphis is donating their time nobody gets paid a penny but it allows many many folks to receive quality healthcare," said Dr. Scott Morris of the Church Health Center.

To qualify you must be uninsured, work at least 20 hours per week in Tennessee, and earn less than 200% of the poverty level. It costs $45 a month, and some of that is paid by employers like Charles Cavallo.

"It makes me feel good that i'm able to help my employees get health insurance, for some of them the TennCare won't apply or they can't get health insurance and the Memphis plan for the people I have here has been great," Cavallo said.

With $5 co-pays, no deductible, and access to doctors and hospitals across the city, it's a service that's allowed Evelyn Ferrell to keep serving her customers.

"Who ever can get it needs to get it cause it's the best there are," Ferrell said. Right now the Memphis plan has space for an additional 3,000 people.

If you'd like more information on how you or your employer can sign up, click here or call 901-272-7526.