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'Sex and the City' celebrity steps in to support 9-year-old's cause

Source: WMC Action News 5 Source: WMC Action News 5
Source: WMC Action News 5 Source: WMC Action News 5

A Memphis girl is on a unique mission to save elephants from extinction.

Sienna Lightman, 9, wrote the governor and A-list actress Kristin Davis of "Sex and the City" is even helping her with the mission.

"I have a great love of them. They're very loving and nice," said Sienna, who has always had a fondness for elephants.

She learned elephants will be extinct in 10 years if something isn't done to stop poachers from killing elephants for their ivory tusks. That's when Sienna took action. 

She adopted an elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which cares for orphaned elephants whose mothers have been killed. But still, she wanted to do more.

"We talked about doing a lemonade stand, but that was in the winter," said Sienna's mother, Suzanna.

Sienna wrote a letter to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam asking him to ban the sale of ivory.

"New York and New Jersey have banned ivory," she explained. "And I'm trying to get Tennessee, too."

When they learned that actress Kristin Davis was the ambassador for the trust and produced a documentary about the problem, Sienna and Suzanna got an idea.

"My mom and I invited her to Memphis, because we wanted her to show the movie 'The Gardeners of Eden,'" Sienna explained.

"The fact that she's so devoted is so adorable. We're happy to be here," said Davis, who is showing the documentary at Malco's Paradiso on Thursday night.

"We've always tried to encourage our children to be the change in the world," said Suzanna.

"We do need the next generation. The next generation is going to be make or break," Davis agreed.

Now, Sienna has a request for everyone who hears her story: "They can help out and try and save them."

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