Officials deal with problems in local schools

When seven hundred people pack a building to deal with problems in education you know they mean business. "It's not just a school issue, it's a community issue and that's something we all need to come together to address," Craig Ballard, of the Memphis Urban League, said.

Memphis Superintendent Carol Johnson and hundreds of people throughout the community joined in a frank discussion about education, the kind you get at home or on the streets before you ever enter a classroom. "Students don't just act out in school. The type of disrespect we see in school, parents see at home. People see it in the community, see it in the parks, in church, and on the street. We all have to work to make a difference," Johnson said.

Johnson encouraged students, parents and community members to talk about issues affecting communities.

Nationally known speaker Dr. David Walsh talked about chemical changes in teenagers and how they can affect behavior as well as learning.

After the group discussion, people moved into groups of seven to get one on one information. The plan is to continue the discussion started in here in neighborhoods, church's and schools throughout the city.