Opening statements today in the trial of a former medical examiner

Opening statements started today in the trial of former Shelby County Medical examiner O-C Smith.

A jury was seated late yesterday afternoon.

Smith is accused of wrapping himself in barbed wire and strapping a motion sensitive bomb to his chest, locking himself to a window guard outside the regional medical center, then lying about it to federal agents. Smith said an unknown man did it to him. Here's where it gets interesting. Prosecutors admit they don't have an accomplice, so the task becomes how did Smith pull it off on his own, what seems like a Houdini trick. Prosecutors don't have to show why Smith would do it. But they do plan to call expert witnesses who will talk about if you do something like that its usually for attention or sympathy. O.C. Smith says that's preposterous, he just didn't do it. Smith appears relaxed and confident and even personable and that's the face potential jurors have been looking at.

The trial is expected to last three weeks. There could be as many as 60 witnesses called by prosecutors and defense attorneys.