Students fear Overton Park crime

Memphis police are searching for a man they say shot an officer this past weekend. Investigators said Officer James Fetter struggled with the suspected gunman in Overton Park. Officer Fetter is recovering at home from a gunshot wound to the arm. Officers searched the neighborhoods around Overton Park, but so far have not made an arrest. Some Mid-South students are traveling in packs for their own safety. About 100 students attending the Memphis College of Arts live in nearby campus apartments. Many of them don't have cars and have to walk to class, and they don't like the idea of being in the park after dark.

Almost everyday Kamikka McCoy and her friends leave their campus apartments, cross Poplar and walk through Overton Park to get to class. "We're 18, 19 years old, you know, we're scared." McCoy and her friends are concerned about the recent incidents that happened in the park. Someone discovered a body on Thursday. Two days later a Memphis police officer was shot while patrolling the park after dark. Kamikka McCoy, art student said, "They say they haven't caught the guy who shot the police officer so they say that he's armed and dangerous. So we don't know if it's ok for us to keep walking back and forth, but we don't want to be scared." Adam Mincher, art student said, "That's the protection, you know, you see your protection getting harmed, I mean, it doesn't make you feel any better." Campus security says it's doing what it can to keep students safe. It offers a shuttle service and is working with Memphis police to form a campus police department. Eric Sanders, Memphis College of Arts Security said, "Once we do establish this particular campus law enforcement department we'll be able to deter some of the stuff that's going on. In addition to Memphis police patrolling also, it'll be a double police coverage for this area." Some art students who live in campus apartments, which are across the street from the park, say they are taking extra security measures of their own, especially at night, when they have to walk through the park to get to their classes. Ashley Luyendy, art student said, "I only go out during the day, and if it's at night then I take someone with me." Students say they would feel safer seeing more officers in the park, especially at night, some on foot patrol and undercover.

According to MPD, officers from the West Precinct patrol Overton Park on a regular basis. They don't have a set time when they patrol, but we're told officers on every shift drive through the park looking for people who don't belong.