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Posted by: George Metaxas, 2/7/05, 6:25 p.m.

Man who spent nine months in jail for a murder police now say another man committed speaks out

A Mid-Southerner named A.D. Hurd has an interesting story to tell. He spent nine months in jail for a murder police now say another man committed.

Jean Liddell worked as a secretary at the Phillips County Sheriff's department for 20 years. It seems everyone who knew her loved her. Adrian Messina, Helena Businessman said, "Jean Liddell was very popular person in the community. Everybody liked and respected her in the community. Everybody liked and respected Jean." And everybody found it hard to comprehend when she was kidnapped from her Helena home and found shot to death outside her car several miles from her home in March. James Riley, Liddell's neighbor said, "I was shocked by that because Jean didn't go out that much. And she didn't do anything that I know of except got to church and go back home and then as soon as she was home she stayed locked in her house most of the time so we would rarely see her." Phillips county Sheriff Ronnie White vowed to make an arrest quickly and that's exactly what happened. Deputies had A.D. Hurd behind bars the day after her murder.

A.D. Hurd the father of five children spent 9 months behind bars protesting his innocence. His wife was doing the same thing. Sheriff White said on the day Hurd was arrested he didn't have a motive for the crime and didn't believe Hurd knew Ms. Liddell, but there was evidence Hurd was the killer. And then in early December another Helena man, David Grant, was arrested on an unrelated charges of aggravated robbery. Not long after, Grant was charged with capital murder, kidnapping, rape and aggravated robbery in Jean Liddell's death. DNA evidence collected from the crime scene matched a blood sample taken from Grant. Soon after A.D. Hurd was released from jail. Joanne Smith, Former Helena Mayor said, "What's puzzling is why was he the one that they thought guilty to begin with." Nobody from the Phillips County Sheriff's department wanted to talk about the case because there is a gag order, but investigators say that A.D. Hurd is not off the hook. That he is still under investigation." A.D. Hurd's attorney says the charges have been dropped. It has all been a very bad nightmare for A.D. Hurd and his family. A.D. Hurd said, "You lay down one afternoon and you wake up being charged with capital murder that's just hard to take."

A.D. Hurd sat down with Action News 5 and told about his nightmare, the horror of being locked up in jail facing the death penalty for nine long months. His wife Nia talked about the toll this has taken on her family. "I was really going crazy. I really was." They both talked about the harrowing night A.D. Hurd was arrested for capital murder.

Hear more about A.D. Hurd's nine-month fight to be released from jail and the hardships his family faced Monday night on Action News 5 at 10pm

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