One Ford says he wishes he could pick his kin

One Ford says he wishes he could pick his kin. But life's not that easy. And now Harold Ford Junior is hoping Tennessee voters will look past his family's follies and elect him to the U. S. Senate. Congressman Harold Ford Junior is getting ready to campaign for a Senate seat. He is also gearing up for the punches he believes his opponents will throw to get into the minds of voters.

Taking care of business on Capitol Hill, U. S. Representative Harold Ford Junior was fresh out of a congressional hearing on President Bush's budget when he stopped to talk about his personal business, his family. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. said, "I wish I could pick my family and wish there was a way I could share it with everybody who may have issues." It's tough for Ford, these days, to separate his business from his uncle's. John Ford's juvenile court fight over child support made national headlines. Politicians in Nashville are now questioning whether or not he lives in his district. And questions have been raised about some of John Ford's income being properly reported to the state. Harold Ford Junior says he has worked hard to create an identity that's independent of his family and his uncle. He hopes voters will distinguish the two as he makes his bid for a U. S. Senate seat next year. "I love him. I don't want to beat up on him, but he lives his life and I live mine and I hope voters and believe voters will be able to separate the two of us as we go forward in this campaign." Ford says if voters want to punish him by not voting for him because of his uncle, he'll have to live with that, just as they the voters will.

We tried to get Senator John Ford's comments on how his personal issues might affect his nephew's bid for U.S. Senate, but he never returned our phone calls. Other possible candidates for the Senate race include Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker, Former Congressman Ed Bryant and State Senator Rosalind Kurita, Former State G-O-P Chairman John Saltsman, State Senator Ben Atchley and former 2002 Gubernatorial hopeful Van Hilleary. Representative Marsha Blackburn is expected to make an announcement on her intentions on running this week.