Witnesses say medical examiner not seriously hurt

Witness after witness testified O.C. Smith didn't look like a man who had been attacked as prosecutors hammered away former medical examiner made it all up. O.C. Smith and his attorneys left the court room after listening to witness after prosecution witness testify the former medical examiner did not look like a man who had been sucker-punched in the stomach, had lye thrown on him and attacked. They did see him with barbed wire around his face.

Smith is on trial in U. S. District Court charged with lying about the reported attack and illegally possessing a bomb. He reported being attacked three years ago by an assailant who tied his hands and feet with barbed wire and hung a bomb around his neck.

Memphis police officer Connie Maness testified, "Normally, when you've been attacked and you say you've been wrestled to the ground, the scrubs are flimsy and they should have been torn." Maness was talking about Smith's medical scrubs. She said "his uniform didn't match what he said." And "I saw some slight cuts about his face." Smith told medical personnel a man surprised him outside the regional medical center, hit him and wrapped him in barbed wire and put a bomb around his neck and said in a low voice, "push it, pull it, twist it, die. Welcome to death row," and then pulled a pin on the device around Smith's neck. Defense attorneys showed medical records that indicated Smith did have injuries consistent with being attacked. Prosecutors have described Smith as an odd man who wore combat boots, a military style haircut carried a gun a had a knife in his boot.