Crime tracker: Be safe by knowing how to spot drugs

A recent scare involving a half-dozen kids at Kirby Middle School serves as a reminder to parents: double check your children to make sure they aren't experimenting with drugs. Your children probably do not have these illegal drugs hidden from you.

Deputies use a drug education kit to teach youngsters and parents how illegal drugs look but your home medicine cabinet is where Lt. Lee Newkirk encourages parents to keep vigilant.

"They could be sleeping pills, they could be diet pills, they could be all kinds of pills. How many did they have three years ago? How many will they have 6 months from now? The children know this. They can go in, put 'em in their purse, put 'em in their pocket, sell them at school 5 bucks a pop," said Newkirk.

Six youngsters from Kirby Middle School were rushed to the hospital last month after they reportedly swallowed two types of antipsychotic prescription pills.

"Some of the girls were crying, they had to take them out on stretchers so you knew there was something wrong," said Newkirk.

Two of the children involved now face drug charges in the case. Lt. Newkirk says you need to remind your children of some safety basics from time to time.

"Don't put anything in your mouth that did not come from your parents, a doctor or pharmacist. You get it from another child, how do you know what's in it? It could kill you," he warned.

Newkirk encourages you to know what your children are doing and, if you find any pills or drugs in your child's belongings, get those drugs tested. Newkirk says you can call Juvenile Court to find out how to have any drugs you find on your child tested.

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