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MLGW investigates cause of Sunday, Monday power outages

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

The power went out in varying degrees for people all over Shelby County Monday night.

Some customers' lights flickered, others said the power surged, some say the power went out briefly, and still others say the power went out altogether for several hours.

One Walmart customer, Dana Johnson, said she was inside the store when the power outage put up to 13 thousand people in the dark.

"I couldn't get gas because they couldn't ring cash," Johnson explained. "So I left there and went to Circle K. Circle K was down. They didn't have electricity, but there was power at the lights."

Heating and air companies say they saw a sharp upturn in calls as some homeowners' air conditioners fried.

MLGW explained that the problem actually began Sunday afternoon, when the high temperatures drove customers to use more power.

"They were working on a switching station so we could make sure we had enough power to handle the load," said MLGW Spokeswoman Gayle Jones Carson. "We had an increased use of electricity on Sunday."

Jones says the outage had nothing to do with Monday's storm. In fact, it was the switching installation that knocked out five Shelby County substations.

"They're still investigating what caused this problem," Jones added. "Once they determine what caused the problem, an action plan will be put into place."

Meanwhile, MLGW customers are perplexed.

"You wonder why one half of the street has power," said Johnson, "one half didn't."

MLGW says customers shouldn't assume their office knows when an outage occurs. Always call the outage hotline at 901-544-6500.

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