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Keep the umbrella handy

Looking north from LongTown, MS (Source: Karl Wildenstein) Looking north from LongTown, MS (Source: Karl Wildenstein)
I received some beautiful pictures of a towering cumulus cloud in Memphis Wednesday evening. 

The cloud was visible from Midtown to Olive Branch and depending on the angle of view, it was a spectacular sight.  That cloud produced a heavy downpour over Bartlett for about 45 minutes.

It's that time of year when a cloud can quickly build in height over an area and produce a brief but heavy downpour over a relatively small area.  

While most of the Mid-South remained hot and dry today, there were a couple of pop up thunderstorms for a handful of communities.  That will be the pattern for the next couple of days, especially during the afternoon and early evening hours.

We call this a diurnal pattern, basically warm moist air rises during the heat of the day and condenses over a small area to produce a shower or thunderstorm.  This is a very typical summer-time pattern in the Mid-South where there is an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere and plenty of heat-- the perfect combination for pop up showers.

Keep the umbrella handy for the rest of the week just in case you happen to be in the right place at the wrong time. And if you do get some rain, consider yourself lucky, because most of us are going to spend the rest of the week hot, dry and muggy. 

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